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My Philosophy

My philosophy as a licensed clinical therapist is to empower the client to “go with” where they are at this moment or time in their life and build on their intuitive inclinations, aspirations, and strengths. I often combine this more humanistic approach with a direct or “no nonsense” style, while building a strong therapeutic alliance with the client. A trusting rapport and healthy attachment is important for the client to have a corrective experience with the therapist. My relaxed, casual style, along with my wit and sense of humor helps me develop a stronger connection with children, parents, and other adult clients. Though my training and work with children can be more behavioral and play based, I often find myself coming from more of a psychodynamic, self-psychology and spiritual basis with teenagers and adults. This approach involves helping individuals gain more awareness or “consciousness” of their thinking processes while strengthening or bringing out more their underlying “true self” centeredness that is always there but cluttered or dormant under our negative and distorted thoughts, our anxieties and fears, our “drama” and feelings we cling to, and our reactive tendencies. I strive to help clients be less “reactive” in a negative sense and more proactive in their lives and relationships.


I work well with others, and seek consultation as needed. I will collaborate and consult with Dr. Sandhu about medication, legal or mandated reporting issues, crises, emergencies, and other clinical concerns as needed. With children, I can consult with school psychologists, teachers, and administration as needed or if requested by the parents. I can provide individual and/or family therapy with children, and individual and/or couples counseling for adults. Please feel free to voice your concerns with me or with Dr. Sandhu regarding your treatment. I look forward to working with you.

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